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Love & Osker is an American apparel brand, founded in 2011 and re-launched in 2018 by me, Derek DeAndre. L&O values people, honors their past, and celebrates the stories that they have to tell. Everyday is a new freelance opportunity and you’ve been hired! You’re the lead costumer in the movie that is your life and I’m here to help you win an Oscar. The DNA of my design boasts the cleanliness and structure of my southern upbringing whilst incorporating the edge and determination from the places of which I’ve dreamed.

Like me, my clothes are multi-faceted and stand to serve the extroverted introvert. Over the top, but subtly so, I dress the person who makes a statement with nary a word and many an involuntary facial expression…the person who people simultaneously wonder about and feel like they know…the person who has a lot to say and says it the only way that feels natural to them: Quietly. Honestly. Fashionably.